Truth, Untruth, or We Don’t Know and They Won’t Tell Us?

What do we do with categories in life? Are fiction, nonfiction, and poetry always the most useful? Storyscape Magazine has a new way of categorizing the writing that appears in its pages: Truth, Untruth, and We Don’t Know and They Won’t Tell Us! I’m happy to have work in its latest issue #19. My piece, “Someone To Watch Over Me”, describes what happens when a woman confronts her demons, literally. Guess which category it falls under?

New Article in The Satirist

I have my MFA in Poetry from the University of San Francisco, but when I heard that The Iowa Writers’ Workshop was being sued for age discrimination, I knew I had to help them out. So I applied to be their Oldest Student–and the resulting article was published in The Satirist. Now I just have to wait for my acceptance from Iowa’s Admissions Director, right?

New Essay in Flock

After a bit of a publishing hiatus, I am happy to share that my essay “Flowers of the Resistance” has been published in Issue 19 of Flock Literary Journal. It is a beautiful journal, wonderfully edited by April Gay Wilder, and I am excited to be alongside a diverse array of voices, all meditating on the theme of Migration.

I was inspired by seeing the artist Ai Wei Wei’s exhibit on Alcatraz Island, which made me think of all the ways we communicate our experiences through art and the way we live, like beautiful flowers traveling from our native soil to new homes.

Of Mantras and Poetry: A New Essay Up at Mead Magazine

Following on the heels of my Lion House reading, I found this cool clip of Michael McClure reciting his “beast language” to the lions at the old Lion House at the SF Zoo. Thanks to Jillian Rose for reminding me about it!

I wrote about McClure’s collection, “Ghost Tantras,” in my essay, “Of Mantras and Poetry: The Seed Syllables of Sound Poetry,” up in the current issue of Mead: The Magazine of Literature and Libations, edited by the feisty and talented Laura McCullough.

The essay also delves into Christian Bok’s poetry, The Bon Warrior Seed Syllables, Jackson Mac Low’s Performance Piece and Hugo Ball‘s Dadaist Poems!