A Noun Sing E·ratio 15 · 2012

I’m happy to have two poems, “Beach Tantra” and “not by wrist“, in the current issue of Eratio!

a noun sing e·ratio 15 · 2012

with poetry by:
Morgan Harlow, Candy Shue, Jan Lauwereyns, Doris Neidl, Tim Trace
Peterson, Jen Besemer, Sheila Squillante, Lisa McCool-Grime, Natalie
Watson, Julie Wood, Kristina Marie Darling, Felicia Shenker, Scott
Bentley, J. Crouse, Bob Heman, James Davies, Dylan Harris, Michael
Sikkema, Kent Leatham, Parker Tettleton, Bobbi Lurie, Lauren Marie
Cappello, Erin Heath, Wynne Huddleston, Jane Olivier, Elise, Nathan
Thompson, Tim Wright, Tim VanDyke, Iain Britton, Ian Hatcher, C. Brannon
Watts, Seth Tyler Copeland, Rich Murphy, J. D. Nelson, Howie Good, Monty
Reid, Dave Shortt, Billy Cancel, John Clinton, Thomas Fink, Larry Ziman,
Valery Oisteanu, Michael Crane, Jon Cone, Mark Cunningham, Rick Marlatt,
Nikolai Duffy, Alessandro Cusimano, Jacob Russell, Corey Wakeling, Stephen
Nelson, Steve Gilmartin, James Valvis, Greg Cohen, Derek Henderson, Travis
Cebula, Sean Howard, Walter Ruhlmann and Márton Koppány

and featuring

The Mallarmé Project, an examination of a yearlong series of art and
writing in Seattle by Joseph F. Keppler
The Susan Bee Interview

E·ratio is edited by Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino with contributing
editors Joseph F. Keppler and Lauren Marie Cappello

E·ratio is reading for issue 16, the fall 2012 issue, so send in your poems!